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Rural Americans are among the most impacted by the decline of traditional newspapers. Even where news outlets still exist, their coverage may not reflect the diversity of rural populations today or go deep into the issues that disproportionately affect rural regions, such as climate change, access to health care and the economics of Indigenous communities. 

Thanks to dedicated grants from the Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation, and generous general operating and series support from other funders, the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) is expanding support for editorial collaborations across rural America through its Rural News Network (RNN).

RNN began as a pilot project in 2021 as INN’s first sustained editorial collaboration consortium. Now, INN has launched, a website featuring RNN’s collaborative series as well as outstanding daily stories pulled from its 68 participating newsrooms operating across 46 states — a subset of the 400+ members of the INN Network.

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