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Approaching click-to-cancel in three steps

Getting onsite click-to-cancel right is imperative for the coming generation of news media and will require techniques built on highly valuable content, efficient user experiences and transparency. Any applicable future adaptations needed in your onsite cancellation and retention experiences should not be viewed as obstacles but as opportunities to reassess and refine your product strategy and communication flows.
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Here's three ways AI could improve media sales

Richard E. Brown, senior director of retention for The Daily Beast, believes that everything is an opportunity, and every opportunity is a chance to build something enduring and expansive for the future. With that optimistic spirit in mind in examining AI, he sees three discernable applications that the business side of news media may benefit from immediately.  

The future of funding journalism

One of the evergreen questions Editor & Publisher ponders as we chronicle today’s business of news is: How will newsrooms — now and in the future — be funded? As we stand, one quarter into 2023, it felt timely to reach out to news publishers to hear their goals for revenue this year; how their newsrooms may benefit from philanthropic support; and if they’re counting on legislative relief to come from state or federal governments.
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Try pairing passion with your sales strategy

One of my favorite things about being a revenue leader is perfecting the overall sales strategy. I love harmonizing the beat of all sales and marketing efforts to help others and grow revenue. Growth in any industry is a skill set rooted in a genuine passion for helping others. Sales is the business of people, and having a passion for helping people is a must if you’re going to grow.

Revenue Roundup: Co-op advertising. Billions hiding in plain sight

Too many newspapers and other media, their advertising sales reps, local businesses and retailers are unaware there is a giant pile of billions of dollars they could utilize to increase everyone’s revenues. That pile of $75 billion is in the form of annual co-op advertising funds manufacturers make available to local businesses and retailers to co-prom the manufacturers’ products and services.
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2023 will belong to the optimist who sees opportunity everywhere

2023 will belong to the optimist, the engineers and the can-do spirit. Cynicism and doubt only leave bitter tastes and bleak futures, and if you stay there, you may be unable to recoup. The second half of 2022 was tumultuous and left too many highly talented individuals unemployed on both the content and revenue side of media. Therefore, do whatever possible to stop this cycle and not take the losses and learnings from last year in vain.
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Digital to dominate 2023 ad spending

It’s a new year and time for media, agencies and local advertisers to digest the many competing forecasts for 2023 ad spending. There will be sales quotas; agencies will create pitches; and local advertisers will search for the most effective media mix. However they may approach these tasks, the universal forecast is: Digital advertising will continue to gain on legacy media and become an even more dominant force.
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Meet the 2022 class of "Sales Superstars"

This year's Sales Superstars stand out in their ability to stand up against the challenging times newspapers face today. They stay focused and get the job done for their customers, their communities and the companies they represent. Our list of 16 individuals spans the age range, years of experience and small to large markets. Their words ring with wisdom born in the trenches. With extreme appreciation and celebration, we introduce E&P’s 2023 Sales Superstars.
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2023 will be the year of re-emergence for news media

2023 will be the year of re-emergence for news media. Why? The tracks have been set for news organizations to reemerge as innovative tech companies delivering personalized and substantive information. Yes, you read that correctly. Your local news company will become a partner with you throughout your day instead of only providing top-line regional and national news, politics and opinions.

Revenue roundup: News media claims a stake in sports betting

The sports-betting pie is increasing at an enormous rate. The American Gaming Association reports that during August 2022, sports betting generated $471.4 million in revenues, a 116.2% increase from August 2021. For the year to date, those revenues were $3.97 billion, a 69.6% increase compared to the first eight months of 2021. The smart people in sports media recognized very quickly that reporting on sports betting was a natural extension of its overall coverage.
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Three things that won’t be acceptable in 2023

If you have plans or projects to implement that will nurture a more sophisticated and user-friendly environment at any level, then now is the time to execute. Readers, subscribers and advertisers are losing patience, and we must deliver experiences that align with current societal trends. If you’re wondering where to start, take a deep dive into three critical areas where you may want to improve your organization’s proficiency heading into the new year.
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Getting back to resourceful content to help sales and revenue

Newspapers need to better understand their readers’ lives and consumer behavior so they can get creative, custom and aggressive in delivering the resources readers need. Leading this charge is no easy feat. However, leveraging a strategy of resource and reliability provides a potential future for more advertiser-safe content.
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Ads sell, sponsored content engages

Although sponsored content and its sister format, branded content, are by definition marketing tactics, when they deliver important information, people engage with it gladly. News publishers have traditionally provided the essential part of that information: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Now they have the opportunity to provide the part today’s consumers and readers also want — lifestyle content about home life, fashion, food, pets, travel and thousands of other topics.

University study reveals a path to revenue growth for weekly and rural newspapers

Small weekly and rural newspapers were already struggling before the pandemic. Many had to close family-operated, decades-old publications, creating news deserts. Once the pandemic hit, more of these newspapers closed — just when residents needed important information about how local government and community organizations were responding to the pandemic. Addressing this crisis and finding a solution have come from what some might consider an unlikely source — academia.
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Leading with subtitles — Yep, you read that right…

What’s your subtitle? Job or organizational titles can be ambiguous and broad, but narrowing your focus to candid subtitles is highly beneficial. Subtitles condense, recapitulate and prioritize your focus as a leader, providing unmistakable clarity and purpose behind every question asked, task you complete or initiative you carry out.
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Publishers seeking to keep pace with advertising trends need to keep one thing in mind: video. 
The New York Times  is getting around $100 million from Google over three years as part of a broad deal that allows the Alphabet unit to feature Times content on some of its platforms, according to people familiar with the matter.
In 2022 Bloomberg Media CEO M. Scott Havens announced the company’s shift to an audience-first mentality with every action and decision the teams make. The new blog series, “How We’re Keeping Our Audience First,” written by the teams implementing this mandate, will help show how Bloomberg Media is better serving its users. The first of this series explains how Bloomberg Media’s advertising product and innovation teams are creating a better ad experience on
New product will let publishers sell ads alongside their posts and take home half the revenue.
Media publishers may soon be able to charge Twitter users to read individual articles shared on the platform rather than require them to purchase a subscription to a paywalled outlet. 
This second report in DoubleVerify's "Post-Cookie Questions" research examines the evolution of cookie deprecation strategies, the shift towards user privacy and its impact on digital advertising.
Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: You have a large list of engaged subscribers for your flagship newsletter. Reader revenue is the next challenge. Here’s an example of how a focused, personalized case for support can drive results.